Cineformat DCI.

We are cinema experts.

Transfer to DCP.
Archive to 35mm.
upSCALE to 4K.
Sound Design 8K HDR POST / VFX.
8K GPU Suites.
Pro Film Gear.

Welcome to Cineformat DCI Studios and Post Production Services.

Cineformat is a theatrical projection and motion picture archiving service. We serve filmmakers and cinema theatre owners anywhere in the world, and enable them project their creative media on a silverscreen.

Cineformat studios work with both Digital and Analogue formats. We also help governments, NGOs and Academic Institutions ARCHIVE important historical media, onto a long lasting archival formats, mainly 35mm Negative, which can last upto 200 years.

Cineformat will format, transcode and transfer any analogue and digital media for theatrical release, whether it is for a single cinema hall or destined for multiple global silverscreens. We also test all DCP disks and 35mm prints on our in-house projectors. Cineformat is located in The Netherlands (EU/EEA/Schengen), from where we serve our clients around the world. Send us your multimedia in 8K, 6K, 4K, 2K, HD, SD, 70mm, 65mm, 35mm, 16mm, Super 8mm, 8mm and HD, SD and VHS. We will format, transcode and tranfer it to DCP Cinema release, BluRay Disc or 35mm film with sound.

Cineformat also sells Film and Video POST Production suites, digital recording equipment, lenses, smartphone cinematography tools, and software.

You can always reach us via email, telephone, video chat and on social media. Our telephone numer is +31(0)840039706, Telegram/Signal/WhatsUp number is +31(0)647233100 and our Skype ID is Cineformat.

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Cineformat Features

Digital Intermediary



Cineformat can help you with your production with filmaking talent for hire and film tools.


Cineformat have the studio facilities to do POST Productiion, Sound Design and DCP/35mm prints..


Cineformat has the studio facilities to upSCALE any media and archive it on 35mm negatives.

ProCineTM Tools

Cineformat is currently engaged in the design, manufacture and support of film tools and gear.

Cineformat Facilities


Film / DCP Tools




DI Laboratories

Cineformat is equipped to handle both small and large projects. We have both the hardware tools like scanners, color correction panels, optical print machines, and the software - including and not limited to Davinci Resolve, MediaComposer, Final Cut Studio, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Garageband, Logic, ProTools and Fusion. Cineformat also has a workshop for designing, building, servicing and repairing filmaking equipment, lenses, adapters, and our unique Cinedisks for DCP, and software applications built by Cineformat.

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Cineformat Team

Sal Souza
Sal Souza
CEo / Founder
Stefan Cummins
Stefan Cummins
Lauriel Smith
Lauriel Smith
Lab Tech
Mike May
Mike May
Lab Tech
Thomas Cramer
Thomas Cramer
Anil Doshi
Anil Doshi

Cineformat has a formal working contracts with 40 other creative professionals with exoertise in DCI, 35mm processing, Digital Intermediary, POST Production, Editing, Visual Effects, Animation, Sound Design and other disciplines; on a"work for hire%quot; arrangement.